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Though rainforests are under the threat of destruction as a result of human activity, we still live in an era when rainforests still exist and it is possible to travel to any country of choice for vacation.

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Rainforests are spread throughout various countries in the world, the largest rainforest, being the Amazon rainforest, which extends over at least seven countries in South America. A visit to any of these countries permits venturing on an adventure tour into rainforest regions. In comparison to the Nile River, the Amazon River is the second longest in the world, comprising the Amazon River Basin which has over 1100 tributaries which traverse South America. Visits to the Amazon rainforest are possible through tours, cruises or on short trips to the rainforest whilst on vacation or business in any of the countries the Amazon rainforest crosses.

Not too far from the Amazon rainforests, Central American has its own wealth of rainforests, to include rainforests in Costa Rica, namely the Osa Peninsula, and in Panama, where the Panama Canal rainforests can be exciting amidst ecotourist tours and bustling canal trade activities. The upper regions of the Canal rainforest are, however, tranquil and more peaceful, affording visitors, spectacular views of Panama rainforest plants and animals. Rainforest animal life forms commonly seen in the rainforests of Costa Rica include dart frogs, pumas, jaguars, snakes, exotic birds, parrots and macaws.

In Africa, the Congo Basic has been identified as the most bio diverse and protected rainforest, in spite of ongoing threats of deforestation as timber cutting constitutes an important source of income for the people of Congo, and as communities grow, occupying more and more rainforest land. The rainforests of Congo are not only important for their diverse plants and animals, but for their spiritual value to the people. Religious beliefs are closely linked with nature, and so the rainforests play an integral part in culture, tradition and diet. A rainforest tour in the rainforests of the Congo will without a doubt offer a unique and different experience given the cultural diversity of Africa. The rainforests of Congo are also an important part of the region’s history.

In the English speaking Caribbean, the islands of St. Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Dominica, Jamaica and St. Lucia also offer wonder tropical rainforest vacation possibilities. These islands have undergone a relatively decent degree of development, but have managed to maintain many of their natural surroundings. This has been partly due to limited development in some cases, but as well as the conservative approach that most of these governments have taken in terms of developing or transforming parks and rainforests. Small communities are dependent on rivers for washing clothes and carrying out daily house chores, which make it necessary to preserve rivers and surrounding trees in some parts of these islands. Commercial tourism has also given way to a more eco friendly form of tourism, ecotourism, which encourages people to preserve their culture, natural surroundings and heritage as what make them unique and different from anywhere else. Throughout the Caribbean islands, many national parks have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, thereby helping to maintain the balance between development and the natural habitats of plants and animal species, whilst encouraging sustainable economies.

In the regions of the world known as Australasia, the oldest rainforests on Earth are found. The history of these rainforests date over millions of years and mark the unique rainforest life forms and biodiversity found in this region. Rainforests in Australasia extend over roughly 20,000 islands found between Australia and Asia, making these islands a wonderful ecosystem. A tour to these rainforest at different times of the year can give firsthand experience of the different seasons experienced in this region – the northeastern monsoon season and the southwestern season.

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