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A tour to the Amazon is the dream of almost everyone, just imagining the vastness and immeasurable worth to planet Earth. The Amazon is known for its biodiversity as home to the most species of animal and plant life and fresh water fish in the world, accounting for about 40, 000 species of trees and plants.

A tour to the Amazon would also mean visiting the hugest water basin in the world, which holds about 20% of the total volume of water held in all of the Earth’s rivers. A fishing tour on the Amazon River could result in getting a firsthand view of the pirarucu, one of the world’s biggest fresh water fishes which can grow to as long as 8 feet and weigh as much as 550 pounds. People who wish to tour the Amazon rainforest, usually speak of Brazil which is home to the Jau National Park, identified as the second largest on Earth. The Amazon, however, extends over many countries in South America, including Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Suriname and French Guyana, thereby consisting of thousands of tributaries that run throughout these countries, providing an important and valuable source of fresh water. An Amazon tour can therefore be planned for any one of these countries, and not necessarily only in Brazil. Tour guides, tour packages and tour deals are available through registered tour agencies which offer enjoyable, safe and informative tours throughout the deep rainforests of the Amazon.

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Amazon River cruises are one of the most popular ways of traveling the Amazon River and rainforests. Amazon cruises make it possible to tour the Amazon in comfort aboard two and three story river boats. A tour can be made more pleasant on lounge chairs or hammocks on the upper deck from where the Amazon rainforest can be seen while relaxing. Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is prepared by the chef who prepares delicious local and international dishes for persons on tour. Snacks and juices are all exotic, and bars are stocked with alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks from different countries across the region.

On tour of the Amazon aboard an Amazon cruise, scheduled stops are also made to allow tourists to row onshore to visit spectacular sites, look at trees, flowers and to closely observe animals. Tour guides usually speak English which facilitates explanation and a more wholesome tour experience of the Amazon, especially in terms of learning about the herbal and culinary uses of the different plants found in the Amazon.

In addition to cruise tours of the Amazon, there are a number of lodges which offer accommodation to tourists. These provided guided tours and tour packages, which allow visitors to see as much of the Amazon as possible. Some interesting sites that can be visited on tour in the Amazon rainforests include Inca ruins at Machu Picchu and Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, the Northern Kingdoms of Peru, the Tambopata Wilderness and the Nazca Lines. These historic sites were once the home of the famous Incas who once ruled this part of the world. Today, however, other indigenous tribes can still be found, although their numbers are not as much as centuries ago. Indigenous villages can still be visited on a tour in the rainforests of the Amazon in order to see the body paintings, practices and lifestyle of indigenous peoples.

A tour to the Amazon rainforests is truly a tour of a lifetime. Tours can only increase one’s love for nature and strengthen the desire to protect the rainforests which are the natural habitat of so many wonderful plants and animals, which make our planet Earth a special place in the universe. Tours can include jungle trekking, bird watching, site seeing, fishing, visiting the flooded jungle and kayaking.

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