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The island of Dominica is a truly naturally beautiful country in the Caribbean. Dominica is known for its preserved nature and vast areas of untouched rainforests. Because of the rainforests that occupy the interior of the island, Dominica is home to many species of birds and animals, allowing the island to boast its beautiful rainforests and biodiversity.

Ecotourism in Dominica has developed over the years, as in addition to rainforests, the island is full of sulfur springs due to widespread volcanic activity, cascading waterfalls, rivers totaling 365 – one for every day of the year, the second largest fresh water lake in the world, as well as one of the world’s largest boiling lakes.

The lovely green island of Dominica offers a wonderful citizenship program. Traditionally it was called the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program and provided foreign citizens to invest in various sectors such as health care, road infrastructure, education and other areas. The government has a list of agents who are licensed and authorised to provided economic citizenship as a service and to help applicants. Recently Dominica citizenship program was extended to include the Dominica Citizenship by Investment program which now offers attractive real estate options for applicants. In exchange for these contributions and investments, applicants for Dominica citizenship are able to apply. St. Kitts offers a similar program for citizenship. It is a wonder estate planning tool as candidates can own hotels and resorts on the beautiful island or even build a vacation home that can be rented to provide extra income. The spice island of Grenada had a second passport program but this was postponed indefinitely for various reasons. Much information on application procedures and the benefits of second citizenship is available. For help with applicants simply contact us.

Offshore companies provide a profitable means of transferring funds and doing business in a tax sheltered manner. Offshore company formation is valuable to investors who are looking for ways to reduce tax liability and access various markets using an entity that is tax efficient. Offshore shelf companies, which are also known as ready-made companies and shelf companies are IBC’s which have already been incorporated and ‘put on the shelf’ to await purchase by an investor without having to go through the incorporation process.

Visiting rainforests in Dominica would mean visiting one of the most prized natural habitats of our Earth’s animal and plant species within the Caribbean region, with national parks, such as the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is only surpassed by the Humboldt National Park in Cuba in terms of size and life forms, whilst only the Northern Forest Reserve in Dominica rivals the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Dominica is therefore ideal for getting a wholesome rainforest tour, as both volcanic activity and tranquil forest life can be captured throughout the island.

Dominica’s limited development in terms of resorts and industrial activity has made the island and its people appreciative of the island’s nature and heritage, as these are quickly becoming a rare commodity in the world today, where artificial parks and sites are being established so that people could have a feel of nature in some very developed countries. As a result, Dominica can offer unique adventure tours, tour and retreat packages.

Rainforest activities in Dominica include following forest trails, forest trekking, tree swinging, aerial tram rides, bird watching, tree climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, river kayaking and tubing. Many historical sites are found throughout the island, to include forts, plantation and mill ruins. Many of these are found in national parks, as well as in communities such as the Carib Territory, where the Escalier Tet Chien (Snake Head Stair) is linked to island folklore, as the shape of this trail has been a mystery for many decades.

Rainforest tours in Dominica are organised by hotels, investment agencies and tour agencies, such as the Wacky Rollers, which provide tourists with exciting rainforest tours and innovative tour activities while in Dominica. More emphasis has been placed on wellness and health tourism given that Dominica’s rainforests are home to hundreds of plants with medicinal properties for countless ailments. The waters of the sulfur springs have been known to improve and cure many skin conditions, making these springs a natural alternative to artificial drugs for skin diseases and disorders. Even the black volcanic sands found on Dominica’s coastlines are an excellent exfoliant for the skin. Dominica beaches offer a variety of options, ranging from very dark sparkly volcanic sand, to grey silvery, light brown and white sand beaches. White sand beaches are found mostly on the northern part of Dominica, where volcanic formation is less and an abundance of coral reefs are found.

Diving in Dominica is therefore without any doubt, a treat to engage given the island’s clean seas, deep waters and many species of marine life. Diving in Dominica has been top rated by professional divers and international dive magazines. Dominica’s waters are the home of humpback whales, sperm whales and dolphins, making Dominica a popular and safe location of whale watching. The animals have discovered the worth of the island, to the extent that they travel millions of miles away to visit the island and to make a home, so why can’t we see Dominica’s value?

Dominica is a paradise with rainforests and exciting nature in abundance. Fresh water, clean air and friendly people make Dominica unique. Choosing Dominica for a rainforest tour and adventure tour should be at the top of your vacation list.

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