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The Panama Canal has been recognised for its commercial value and seldom is the canal identified with adventures tours and funs. Adventure tours on and around the Panama Canal is one of the highlights of Panama ecotourism, as this gives a view of the Panama Canal from a different perspective and a source of economic activity without the steam ships.

To provide fun filled adventure to tourists, various day trips and tours are organised in rainforests surrounding the Panama Canal. These include Panama Canal fishing trips, safaris, floating trips and kayaking. The jungle in which the canal is enveloped is home to hundreds of diverse species of wildlife, flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the rainforests of Panama. The canal is source of livelihood and survival in every sense of the word, given its importance to the rainforests and trade in Panama. This adds to the fun of a Panama Canal rainforest trip, as passing vessels can be sighted and visitors can receive a firsthand view of the expansion works being undertaken on the canal, whilst colorful birds, trees and different insects can be seen.

Travelling around the world can be made easier by applying for a second passport. There is so much to see and do. We present clients to various options, one which includes applying for a second citizenship. This is often referred to as double nationality or dual nationality. The aim is enable clients to expand their horizons in business and investment. Some people want peace and need a second home. For others, a second nationality is about peace and having a second vacation home. For others double nationality is about is about retirement planning as well as organizing estate and succession matters. It is important to get all the information on double nationality that is available. Help is provided by licensed service providers like ourselves who give advice on the benefits of applying. Two successful second passport programs are the Dominica economic citizenship and St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program. These two second passport programs have been operational for many years. The Grenada Citizenship Program was postponed indefinitely for different reasons. Other services which are available for tax planning and earning additional income include offshore corporations and foundations which are tax free and can be used for international trade and estate planning.

Fishing trips at the Panama Canal can be fun especially as one is sure to leave with a catch. No one leaves empty handed after a day or few hours of fishing in the canal which winds its way in the rainforests. With fish in abundance, the rainforests are indeed a rich source of food, and among the different types of fish caught, are the Peacock bass and Oscar, as well as tarpons and snook, as long as the right technique is used.

Long, fresh water rivers like the Panama Canal, surrounded by rainforests are always ideal for kayaking. It would be a shame to spend time in Panama’s rainforests and not attempt to take a kayaking adventure tour. Canal kayaking in Panama rainforests are usually recommended to be done early in the morning before the sun reaches directly overhead. An early kayaking ecotour in the canal of the rainforests can surely give a unique experience for inhaling fresh air, viewing friendly animals and panoramic views of the rising sun. Special areas have been identified for taking swims and relaxing after kayaking downstream the rainforest canal. A typical tour could last anywhere between 4 to 8 hours depending on the distance of the launch area, which is sufficient for obtaining a wholesome and true rainforest adventure tour on the canal. Special guided tours are available and accommodate kids. Stops can be made for lunch and refreshments along the rainforest on a canal adventure tour in Panama. There is one floating house where lunch, breakfast and refreshments are served. The floating lodge, as it is called, is located near the center of the Panama Canal and is equipped to provide rainforest lovers with a comfortable and homey stay. The maximum accommodation capacity is 16 people, and persons who may be fearful of the sounds of howler monkeys, frogs, crickets and birds are advised to remain in the City, from where daily trips can be made to the rainforests. Here at the rainforest lodge, fresh meals can be prepared upon request with the daily catches of guests, ensuring a truly rewarding and ecofriendly adventure trip.

An exciting adventure tour in the rainforests of Panama would be a safari, which can be done overnight, during the day or for a few hours in the evening, depending on the type of tour that a visitor opts for in the rainforests and is able to afford. Overnight rainforest safaris commence in the late afternoon and go on throughout the night. Overnight rainforest usually take place on Lake Gatun.

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